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Just another little graphics community

Just another little graphics community
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This little community is just another graphics community because we love making graphics and there isn't anything much better than sitting down for the day and making a load of really random graphics. If any one would like to join us, and have some fun making graphics, send me a message =D

[] Comments are loved
[] Please credit meganemegane if taking =D
[] Do not hotlink. Do not claim as your own.
[] Resources here.
[] Textless icons are not bases
[] Feel free to join/watch the community.
[] Enjoy!

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I tend to use alot of pastel coloured textures and brushes, and I like pale icons. I have a fetish for light textures and can sometimes go a bit crazy with them. I'll make icons out of anything so prepare for some random themes and just enjoy 8D

PS. beware the Arashi spams XD;

I mostly make plain icons with a little colorchanges. Mostly some of them are with textures but sometimes I prefer to work with out it. I make headers/banners also with colorchanges and textures and I like to use brushes once in a while ^_^

Mostly from you will see alot of people who are related to tenimyu or some random people ♥

I like to play around with selective coloring and texture, otherwise I try new things from time to time~

Depending on my current fandom drives I make icons of Video Games, Actors, Musicans, Movies, Flowers and other Miscs.

Photoshop is my best friend and I love to make Banners!

I'm still inexperienced with photoshop as I haven't been using for a long time but I'm determined to improve my work.

I like making icons especially with striking colors using selective coloring and spicing it up with textures and brushes. If I'm in a happy state I tend to make lots of humorous and animated icons.

Generally, I make lots of tenimyu-actor icons and right now I'm starting to try new things :D